We are interested in choosing the appropriate quality for the level of finishing works and decorations, which represent the main part of interior and exterior decoration design

In the Arab Address, we are keen on everything new and advanced, of high quality, to ensure the long life of our business, so that we work on highly efficient and accurate machines supplied from Italy under the supervision of hands with long-standing experiences to be suitable for the fluctuations of external factors. We enjoy the diversity and different designs in the works of aluminum, glass and accessories.

And the importance of the consumer
All products are subject to quality checks before they reach the customer, and we complete the continuity of the check until all works are completely installed
To give our customers what they are looking for

We provide a warranty on aluminum colors
We guarantee that it does not change and that matters related to dust or water leakage remain the same and are not affected by the passage of time.
Taking into account the absence of any problems related to misuse

Saudi Arabia - Eastern Province - Ras Tanura